The land of mountains, forests, valleys and plains, Wayanad District is located in the northeast of Kerala. The word Wayanad is derived from two words Vayal (Paddy) and Naad (Land) meaning, “Land of paddy fields”.

Blessed with a salubrious climate with a mean maximum temperature of 29ºC and a mean minimum temperature of 18ºC, the mean average rainfall is 2322 mm. The population density is 369 people per SQM.

Four seasons constitute the climate for the whole year, December-February Cold weather, March-May Hot weather, June-September South West Monsoon, October-November North-East Monsoon.

Nestled among the mighty Western Ghats with altitudes varying from 700 to 2100 M above MSL, Wayanad district has a rich reserve of flora and fauna. Indigenous tribes like Paniyas, Adiyas, Kurumbas, and Kurchiyas call this blessed land their home.

With Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary being part of this district, it also borders Aralam Range, Bandipur Sanctuary, Rajiv Gandhi National Park (Nagarahole) and Mudumalai Sanctuary.