• Check with SHOLA SHACK personnel about the weather condition prior to your visit in order to carry right clothing
  • Avoid bright coloured clothing. Forest friendly colors are recommended.
  • Please ensure that all your personal products, cleaning agents, insect repellants etc are non-toxic.
  • Maintain silence always, especially in the night.
  • Guests are welcome to help SHOLA SHACK personnel with their conservation activities.
  • Guests must share with SHOLA SHACK the photographs and videos taken by them, which we shall save in our archives and also use it for promotional activities. SHOLA SHACK shall not pay any remuneration/royalty for the same but we would give photo credits.
  • Use of eco-friendly sanitary napkins is encouraged, if interested, guests can procure the same from SHOLA SHACK personnel


  • SHOLA SHACK is not a resort for weekend getaways. We discourage those who would like to use the campus as a picnic spot.
  • Please avoid any activity that damages the environment.
  • Refrain from harming the flora and fauna. Collection of flora or fauna (dead or alive) is prohibited.
  • Guests are strictly not allowed to walk out of the campus on their own as it is surrounded by a wild area, elephants and other wild animals are known to visit frequently.
  • Guests are expected to stay close to the living quarters during the night and not walk around the campus unless accompanied by one of the SHOLA SHACK personnel
  • Facial tissues, paper napkins or toilet tissues are discouraged.
  • Only eco friendly soaps are used.
  • SHOLA SHACK is a no plastic zone and no litter zone, please carry your litter back with you.
  • Please do not hand over sweets, snacks or money if you get to interact with the tribal elders and children.


  • Avoid carrying electronic gadgets other than cell phones, cameras & laptops.
  • Do not play loud music as it can disturb the wildlife, you may use your earphones instead.
  • Do not rest, lean or sit on the balcony railings.
  • Guests with medical conditions that hinder their living in high altitudes should avoid staying at SHOLA SHACK.
  • Photography of locals/tribals without prior consent and permission is not allowed

  • Disclaimer: Salutem Eco-ventures LLP, the owners of SHOLA SHACK have taken adequate measures to ensure that your stay with us is safe and comfortable. Salutem Eco-ventures LLP, its owners or employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by illness, theft, injury, accident, death or any other incident or event.

    Salutem Eco-ventures LLP may at its discretion and without any liability or cost to itself at any time cancel or terminate the guest's booking in the event of illegal or incompatible behaviour of the guest. Under such circumstances the guest/s shall not be entitled to any refund. The person who has made the booking will thereby warrant that he or she has authority to enter into a contract with the company on behalf of all people included in the booking. It is assumed that the Guests have read, understood the above Do’s & Don’ts, Disclaimer and agree to abide to it.